28 de novembro de 2007

Xmas Letter

Dear Mr Father Xmas:
For the past twenty years I've been noticing that you have been systematically ignoring all my Christmas requests. After reflecting upon all the circumstances I've concluded that this has happened probably due to two main factors:
1st: I haven't expressed myself in a language that you are familiar with.
2nd: I haven't been asking the right presents.
Thus, this year, I'm determined to make amends, change the equation and write in a language that everybody understands, asking for the right stuff. Here goes....

Dear Father Xmas,
All I want for Xmas is:
Increase in the interest rates
Any other thing You may find convenient and appropriate.

PS: If you think that's not enough, you can always give me the Mini Cooper D in Red and White (Xmas colours)

4 comentários:

esquilo disse...

absolutely delightful!!!!

loved it!

Kinder disse...

Lamento desapontar-te mas na Lapónia só se fala finlandês.

S. disse...


Mak, o Mau disse...

Ando a dizer há anos que escrever ao Pai Natal é um erro. Como em qualquer casa normal, é a mulher dele que trata das prendas. O cab... do gordo só as entrega e fica com os louros...